Circuit Electric


Size: 10,000
Type: Industrial
Definition: Addition
Date Completed: 05/29/2009

Burgess Concrete Construction, Inc. contracted with Circuit Electric to pour the concrete for their new office addition. This job allowed us to highlight a number of specialty areas in concrete including: stamped, colored, polished, and paving.

The 10,000 square foot office addition floor is primarily polished concrete with areas dyed various colors in various patterns. Also included in the office addition is a unique stamped and colored entry foyer.

The final phase of the project was the 17,000 square foot concrete driveway and loading area. Burgess Concrete poured this in one day utilizing our laser screed equipped with a 3D profiling system. Once the different elevations were programmed in the laser screeds computer we were able to pour the lot and let the laser screed figure the differing slopes.

1376 108th St. SW Byron Center MI 49315