What they’re saying – testimonials

I am writing this today to let everyone know how Burgess Concrete far exceeded my expectations. The timelines were strenuous but your passion, dedication and patience kept pace with this 3-year project. Working with your firm was an awesome experience and you always took time to educate me on the process as it was the first time, I was part of a polishing project. These floors are extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. We have hosted many events throughout this facility and I love hearing all the positive feedback from not only our public but from many other public schools. I would highly recommend Burgess to all who could benefit from this process. Thank you again and look forward to working with you on future projects.

John Winskas, Director of Operations
Fruitport Community Schools

Burgess Concrete Construction exemplifies what it is to be a professional contractor. The entire team is committed to working safely, ethically and providing a quality product to their customers and communities they work in. Safety and risk management are a top priority to Burgess and continuously evaluated and improved upon. It’s very clear the people who make up the team at Burgess Concrete Construction are their best asset and the key to their many years of success.

Tim Koster, Commercial Insurance Agent
Berends Hendricks Stuite, Inc.

Burgess Concrete is one of the best. It’s a great comfort when they’re working on our projects. They’re well established, professional and most importantly, they really know their business. The entire Burgess team, from office to field, is a pleasure to work with.

Frank Stanek, President & CEO
Owen-Ames-Kimball Company

Burgess Concrete is a proven, top notch firm that delivers high quality results and surpasses expectations. Yet, what sets the Burgess Concrete team apart is the integrity and character of their people

John DeBlaay, Vice President/Project Executive
Dan Vos Construction Company

Erhardt Construction has had the pleasure of working with Burgess Concrete for more than 20 years.

Burgess Concrete always presents a highly qualified crew ready to work the second they step onto a job site. The state of the construction industry – with long lead times and a shortage of workers – has not slowed Burgess. They always are prepared and understand the scope of work from the beginning. Their people are experts in all things concrete and strive to make sure the job gets done with the highest quality. Burgess sports a team-first attitude – always at the table with other contractors working to solve issues as they arise.

Most recently, Burgess Concrete worked alongside Erhardt at St. Luke University Parish, in Allendale, and Calvary Church, in Grand Rapids. These projects required significant planning with the design teams and the owners to accomplish the desired looks. Burgess was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Together, we delivered results that thrilled the owners.

Safety is Erhardt Construction’s No. 1 priority, which is why we gladly team with Burgess when we get the chance. They support Erhardt’s safety program and promote a culture of safety to ensure every person goes home to their families at the end of each day.

We are thankful to have Burgess Concrete on our job sites and fully endorse them with the highest level of craftsmanship and integrity. If anyone wishes to obtain additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Taggart Town, Vice President and Safety Director
Erhardt Construction