Fruitport High School

357 N. Sixth Street
Fruitport, MI 49415

1st place in the ASCC Decorative Concrete Council – Polished Concrete and Overlays over 5,000 SF Award

Fruitport High School Statement:

Fruitport Community School is very proud of their logo and wanted to incorporate it into their floors.  As a company, we have done several inlays but this one was by far the most detailed and largest inlay to date at 19’x15’.  The inlay included several pieces and parts and took some real skill and patience to perfectly set and pour around.

The scope also had some cast in place benches and a kidney shaped platform we had to form, pour and polish. The platform also included several stair supports protruding from it which held a polished concrete stair platform.

This was a three-year project with several pours in different conditions which all needed to blend together to match approximately 43,000 SF of floors, benches and walls.  We feel we have given the community of Fruitport a beautiful long-lasting product that is very environmentally and economically friendly.  Moving forward the floor requires just a dust mop and frequent washing.  No coatings, waxing, or stripping and all for approximately a third of the cost of terrazzo.  The school is extremely happy with the floor and is already having us do some more in the athletic entry.

Overall, this was a project that took creativity, patience, skill, and a lot of hard work. We were able to provide Fruitport Community Schools with a monumental long-lasting floor they can be proud of.

Fruitport Community Schools Testimonial

March 28, 2022

I am writing this today to let everyone know how Burgess Concrete far exceeded my expectations. The timelines were strenuous but your passion, dedication and patience kept pace with this 3-year project. Working with your firm was an awesome experience and you always took time to educate me on the process as it was the first time, I was part of a polishing project. These floors are extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. We have hosted many events throughout this facility and I love hearing all the positive feedback from not only our public but from many other public schools. I would highly recommend Burgess to all who could benefit from this process. Thank you again and look forward to working with you on future projects.

-John Winskas Director of Operations, Fruitport Community Schools